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The drug from the brand Clomid Deus Medical Enclomimed stimulates the body’s own testosterone production, which will get rid of such side effects as gynaecomastia. The drug is used specifically for post-course therapy after the use of the strongest steroids. The main active ingredient is clomiphene citrate. It promotes the production of follicle-stimulating and luteinising hormones, which stimulate the secretion of testosterone. In addition, the drug blocks receptors of female sex hormones, preventing the appearance of gynaecomastia.

Dosage, course and scheme of administration

It should be noted that Clomid Deus Medical Enclomimed is not used at the same time with anabolic steroids, but strictly after their course until the complete elimination of the substance from the body.

The scheme of taking Clomid Deus Medical Enclomimed for steroids of strong and medium action is different. After a course of powerful anabolics, the dosage for the first 3 days is 100 mg, then 2 weeks – 100 mg, the next 2 – 50 mg, and another 14 days of CD 25 mg.

When taking medium steroids, I use Clomid Deus Medical Enclomimed according to the scheme: 2 weeks of 50 mg and the remaining 2 weeks of 25 mg.

Effect of taking Clomid Deus Medical Enclomimed

Numerous studies and reviews of experienced athletes indicate the positive effects of taking Clomid Deus Medical Enclomimed. Namely:

  • restores testosterone production;
  • activates spermatogenesis;
  • increases FSH and LH levels.

To achieve the desired result without adverse reactions, you should strictly follow the rules of intake and listen to the recommendations of experts.

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