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“Fertogard” Clomid in bodybuilding: use, side effects

Taking steroids, every athlete should understand that he does some harm to his body. Of course, with a correctly constructed course, the risk of side effects is minimised. This is what we will talk about in our article. “Clomid” in bodybuilding is used to prevent the secretion of estrogens – female hormones that negatively affect the body of men. Further on about everything a little more detailed.

What is “Fertogard” Clomid?

It is classified as a selective estrogen receptor modulator with mixed agonistic and antagonistic action. The main reason why “Clomid” is widely used in bodybuilding is its ability to block the action of estrogen, which is achieved by binding the active ingredient to receptors in certain tissues. At the same time, Clomid can behave quite differently in bone tissue, where, on the contrary, it activates estrogen receptors, which increases their concentration.

In men, “Clomiphene” (the most common trade name) acts as an anti-estrogen, preventing negative feedback of female hormones, on the hypothalamus. It also stimulates increased secretion of GnRH (gonadoliberin). All this increases the production of testosterone (the main male hormone) by the testicles. The listed properties of Clomid prevent the risk of gynaecomastia (breast growth in men) and fluid accumulation.

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1 blister of 10 compresses, 1 packet (3 bulls)


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